Will you clean these daily necessities?

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Will you clean these daily necessities?

1.Toothbrush holder

A National Health Foundation study found that 27% of toothbrush holders are contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus. The study also discovered an unknownbacterium related to E. coli. In fact, after many trials, scientists at the National Health Foundation believe that 

thedirtiest part of the bathroom is the shelf where you put 

your toothbrush.

Cleaning method: The National Health Foundation recommends that the toothbrush holder be washed in hot soapy water twice a week.

2. Pillow

Have you had a stuffy nose or a slight headache when you wake up? A British study found that whether it is a new pillow or an old pillow, there are at least one or two bacteria that cause asthma or other diseases, and some even have a dozen or so tiny reptiles.

Dead skin cells, mites, mold, and bacteria are common pillow "residents." At the same time, the research also made an amazing discovery: synthetic fiber pillows have more harmful substances than traditional feather pillows, because synthetic fibers are not as tight as natural ones.

Cleaning method: Depending on the type of pillow, the cleaning method is different. If it is filled with down, you need to take it to a dry cleaner to wash it, but for synthetic fiber pillows, you can use the washing machine at home. Before washing, please read the precautions on the dry cleaning label.

3.Water tank of coffee machine (American coffee machine)

You will usually carefully clean the coffee pot and filter. But when did you last clean the water tank according to the coffee machine instructions? That's right, it may have been a while, this is the problem. The National Health Foundation found that 50% of coffee machine water tanks contain mold and yeast.

Cleaning method: Open the manual of your coffee machine and clean it as it says. But the most recommended method is to put some white vinegar in the water tank, and brew like coffee until half of the vinegar drops into the glass coffee pot, then stop the coffee making process, let it stand for an hour, and then rinse the entire coffee machine.


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