What is the use of rice water in life?

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What is the use of rice water in life?

1.Rice washing water is a nutrient for flowers and trees.

There are a lot of starch, vitamins, protein, etc. in the rice water, which can be used to water flowers and plants. Watering flowers with rice water can supplement the moisture and nutrition required by the flowers, making the flowers bloom more vividly, which is convenient and affordable.

2.Rice Washing water can beautify the skin.

Most of the white mucus precipitated in the rice water is starch. Washing the face and hands with the rice water can moisturize and smooth the skin on the face and hands, preventing dry skin cracking and premature aging.

3.Rice washing water can remove fishy smell.

After cutting the sheep, beef, or fish, rinse the cutting board in the rice water to remove the smell or fishy smell

4.Washing your face with Rice washing water can make your skin clean.

Some water, starch, protein, vitamins and other nutrients are dissolved in the rice water, which can decompose the oil on the face, dilute the pigment and prevent fat particles. Long-term adherence to washing face and hands with Rice washing water will make the skin smooth and elastic.

5.Wash your face with Rice washing water to whiten.

The rice bran oil component in Rice washing water is rich in vitamins B and E, which can protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, and can prevent the production of melanin to achieve the effect of whitening the skin. Wash the face with the first Rice washing water every morning and evening, gently massage and pat the face, so that the nutrients in the Rice washing water penetrate into the skin, and finally wash with water. Sensitive skin is also suitable.


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