The magical effect of expired olive oil

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The magical effect of expired olive oil

1.put on makeup:apply 1 to 2 drops of olive oil to the basic cosmetics, apply it evenly on the face after rubbing, and the skin will become shiny and vivid immediately. Or apply a little olive oil before applying the foundation to nourish the skin and prevent the makeup powder from falling off.

2. Hair care: Before shampooing, apply proper amount of olive oil to the hair evenly, and shampoo according to the normal procedure after 20 minutes. Or when washing hair, add a small amount of olive oil in warm water. When rinsing, the oil will evenly adhere to the hair, or you can apply a few drops to your hands to apply the hair directly to make the hair shiny and smooth.

3.Beautifying: pour it in the palm of your hand, then wipe the entire small face with a cotton swab, and your neck can also be used. Afterwards, gently massage for about one to two minutes to moisturize the olive oil into your skin, ( When you finish the massage, you will find that your face is still oily, it does not matter, it does not block the pores of the game), the last step is to sleep. The next morning, I feel that my skin is very fine, very smooth, and not oily at all, because all the olive oil has been moisturized into your skin.

4. Brightening: Mix a spoonful of sugar and olive oil to make a whitening mask, which can be used 3 times a week, not only can shrink pores, but also have a significant whitening effect. Add olive oil and sugar. It won't melt much, the sugar becomes yellowish green. Dip a cotton ball onto your face. You don't need to massage, you don't need to massage if you are sensitive, just put it on. 10 minutes. Then I washed my face. Look in the mirror and look, white dazzling. This thing can't be used much, it may be because sugar is too nutritious, right?


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